Saturday, October 5, 2013

Welcome to Peace Worldwide Houston Chapter

My name is Chris Alexander, and I am the Vice President of External Affairs for Peace Worldwide –the Houston Chapter.  We are an organization of many credos, and beliefs but stand behind one ultimate vision and equivalent mission.  We believe in fostering a climate of everlasting freedom and peace for all humanity.   As a collective effort, we believe we can create a world that is without the social, economic, and psychological costs of war and oppression.  We seek to elevate the issues of human rights, human dignity, and democracy throughout the world.  Specifically, we strive to motivate individuals to partake in peace projects with the same prerogatives behind the grassroots of their community that, we hope can take shape at the local, state, national, and international level. 
Our organization believes in a culture of openness and transparency.  In effect, this relates to ideas and opportunities that would help further our cause.  As of recently, we assisted in obtaining donations and support for a water well in Kenya that would assuredly aide in resolving the civil conflict in that region, mainly a product of the fact that water is life in many parts of the indigent world.  We refer to the civility reports on a monthly basis.
Currently, our chapter structure consists of a President that brings the meetings to order and maintains so that we can achieve the objectives of each meeting.  In addition, there are several vice president posts that collaborate together to create the funding as well as the implementation of our events.  We also have a secretary that records our processes in parliamentary procedure, and provides that our meetings are run in such a fashion.  Other posts include a treasurer whom handles our members’ dues and establishes the financial structure of this chapter.  Our last position is reserved for the historian who records important events in the narrative of this organization, as it relates to our positive effects in the community and other avenues of public relationships.
We hope you can join us and consider joining Peace Worldwide and truly making a difference.
Chris Alexander,
Vice President of External Affairs
Peace Worldwide Houston Chapter

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